Designing personalized chocolate chips (for your hot drinks)

Jonathan-David Schröder

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open-source design and manufacturing principles for making chocolate molds and professional low-relief chocolate, customized 3d chocolate-making to show some works and share experience. "expert" pipeline and a "novice" testimonial

This talk will be a tentative short and non-boring presentation on an efficient professional open-source pipeline for designing, molding & chocolate-making.
It is aimed at Makers, 2D/3D designers and chocolatiers/pastry chefs.
 An emerging trend within pastry/chocolate workshops is that of micro-industrial utensils making (ie. rapidly making tools, near your kitchen, for shaping and storing food). What is the least known in the food-making milieu though, is the design part and 3d printing tricks, leading chefs to systematic outsourcing of molds.
In this presentation, you will be shown tips & tricks to design chocolate squares, then bars and other simple low-relief models, without undercuts. Design steps for a 2D->3D->mold->chocolate pipeline, will be shown with Inkscape, Blender3D, lithophane's web application, and PrusaSlicer/Cura. This is not a workshop, in order to introduce you to a wider diversity of steps, including lasting development/biomimicry aspects. If time allows it, tricks on cookie-cutter design will be shown.

Jonathan-David is a professional software developer and junior chocolatier (french CAP 2021), currently studying pastry-making. Since 2017, he has held a dozen chocolate and pastry workshops for children and adults, including training and consulting for professionals on chocolate mold-making topics. His landmark specialties are bespoke "Petits écoliers" chocolate biscuits (for presents, weddings, baptisms, organizations) and Advent calendars of 24 text-relief chocolate neapolitans. He developed his maker techniques at Volumes Foodlab (Paris), Le Dôme (Caen), The Microsoft Garage (Prague), and La Pâtisserie Numérique (Paris).