Libre Graphics Meeting 2006-2021

Joao Bueno

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This is a non tech-talk, presenting a personal view of the Libre Graphics Meeting, from its first edition in 2006, Lyon and onwards: what it have done to unite artists, users and developers of several graphics and multi-media oriented Free Software applications. What being able able to attend the first 6 meetings in a row, and several others, and being in the actual role of organizing the 2017 edition meant for me. At the second half some considerations of what may have changed in work/life balance for the development volunteer artistic-oriented Free Software over the last 18 years, and considerations on what paths lie ahead, including in the face of A.I. powered tools

A personal view and feelings of what is the Libre Graphics Meeting, and what a yearly encounter can provide in terms of friendships, ideas and even some magic. A bit on ideas and topics that showed up around or in the encounters themselves, including the opportunity some of the projects had for a face-to-face yearly meeting, the idea of an exchange raster image format (.ORA). The possibility of talking with developers of like-minded projects. Small interesting projects that stalled, small projects that took off and gained the world. In short, a personal account of the meetings from the first up to the online editions in 2020 and 2021 - along with perspectives we could get in bootstrapping the physical meeting again.

Joao Bueno has been a long term GIMP and LGM contributor, enthusiast and attendant to the first editions of the Libre Graphics Meeting and organizer to the LGM 2017 in Rio de Janeiro. In the professional world he's been a free-software enthusiast and a Python language specialist.