gamedev competition 2019

AFGRAL gamedev competition 2019 Rules of the competition Grafik Labor 2019 « freedom is priceless » Article 1 : Object of the competition The contest is free and without obligation of purchase. The contest consists of the creation of an original video game that will have to respect the following constraints: - be realized with the Blender and Godot software (obligation to do it with these two softwares) - respects the following theme: "freedom is priceless" - to be published under a free license authorizing the modification and the diffusion, the license and the list of the authors will have to appear in the sources. Participation in the contest implies the unconditional acceptance of the participants of this regulation in its entirety. Article 2: Duration of the competition The game must be submitted no later than May 5, 2019 until 11:59 pm under the conditions mentioned in article 3. The organizer reserves the right to extend the participation period and to postpone any announced date. Article 3: Condition of participation and validation of participation Participants will be able to make their game known through a form which will be displayed at the end of April until 5 May 2019. They will have to fill in the following information: - name of the game - list of authors - description of the game - link to the sources (deposit GIT, FTP ... at the choice of the participant) - link to the executable - connection information if necessary to recover sources and the executable - license The list of games will be published on the occasion of the Grafik Labor on the website of the afgral. The winner will be announced on the weekend of Grafik Labor on May 11th and 12th, 2019. Article 4: Designation of winners The jury will deliberate after May 5, 2019 to designate the winner. The criteria for deliberations will be: - full respect of the constraints - originality - graphic and sound quality - playfulness The evaluation is at the discretion of the jury members without recourse. The results are at the discretion of the jury members without recourse. Article 5: Designation of lots Transfer of 1000 € for the designated winner game. The transfer will occur in the month following the designation of the winner. The winner will have to provide a bank details for the transfer. Article 6: Information or publication of the name of the games Participants authorize AFGRAL to communicate about games, to use game names, illustrations, sounds or any other aspect of the game as part of its communication and activities. Article 7: Nominative data The personal data collected as part of the participation in the game are recorded and used by the organizer for the necessities of their participation and the attribution of their winnings. In accordance with the "Data Protection Act" of 6 January 1978, Participants have the right to access, rectify or delete information concerning them. All requests should be sent by mail to the address of the organizer or AFGRAL, at activdesign, 11b rue Jean le Ho 35000 Rennes Article 8: Liability The Participant acknowledges and accepts that the only obligation of the organizer for the contest is: - to elect the best participation, provided that its participation complies with the terms and conditions of the rules, - give the prize to the winners, according to the criteria and modalities defined in the present rules. Article 9: Force Majeure / Reserves The organizer's liability can not be incurred if, in a case of force majeure or beyond his control, the contest has to be modified, shortened or canceled. The organizer reserves the right to carry out any verification it deems useful, relating to compliance with the rules, in particular to rule out any participant who has made an inaccurate or false declaration or defrauded. Article 10: Disputes The Regulation is governed by French law. Any difficulty in applying or interpreting the Rules will be decided exclusively by the organizer. No request or telephone complaint will be answered regarding the application or interpretation of this Regulation. Any dispute or claim relating to the contest must be made in writing to the following address: AFGRAL, at Activdesign, 11 bis rue jean le Ho, 35000 Rennes. No contestation will be taken into account eight days after the closing of the Contest. Article 11: Filing and consultation of the rules This regulation remains visible on the contest webpage until the end of this contest at: